Toni Marie O'Daniel

Toni Marie O'Daniel Graduated from The University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN with a BA in Business.  She worked at two private schools in the twin cities area for over ten years in the college counseling offices as well as being the Registrar at both schools.  While working there, she was able to process and read thousands of college applications and essays and meet with admissions counselors from many of the colleges.  She completed her Certificate of College Counseling from University of California - Los Angeles in 2010 and immediately started Chrisalem College Couture.  She has also attended the Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions, and attended many educational conferences on college admissions.  As a Member of HECA, NACAC, MACAC she has wonderful contacts with other college counselors throughout the United States and abroad, and has worked closely with other independent college counselors in Minnesota.   Visiting over 50 colleges throughout the United States and Canada has allowed her to keep current with the admissions departments at colleges. 
"...I got admitted into UW-Madison about a week and a half ago, but more importantly, I got admitted into Washington University-St. Louis on Saturday!!! I'm ecstatic about this, and I can't believe it's real. They invited me for multicultural weekend 4/19-4/21 and will pay for travel, food, and all accommodations. Thanks for all your help! I really owe this one to you. "
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