College Choices Made to Measure for a Perfect Fit

Services Provided:

    • Develop a 4-year plan to optimize course load for college acceptances.
    • Construct a timeline for when students should take the ACT/SAT and subject tests.
    • Prepare a college list suitable for the student personality, interests, goals and values. 
    • Put together a timeline for testing, applications and scholarship deadlines.
    • Plan College visits for the student and family.  We can set up the whole trip from hotels, to all college visits as well as and meetings with specific people at each campus. 
    • Work with students on optimizing opportunities for extracurricular activities, summer programs and volunteering, as well as jobs.
    • Plan and prepare student resumes that will be sent with all college applications and scholarships.
    • Work with student to complete college applications one on one or at “Gathering (ruching) Days” with their peers.
    • Design and contour college essays for optimum success.  All students will receive their own "Essay Tailor" to work with students to adjust, enhance and tweak college essays to provide knowledge to colleges of who the student is.
    • Lay out financial aid opportunities for students and parents as well as work with our financial aid expert to allow best possible financial scenarios.
    • Working with parents on timelines for financial aid as well as filling out the FAFSA and CSS Profile.
    • Conduct mock interviews to help students relax and prepare for college interviews.
    • Strategize with students and parents to prepare portfolios and auditions to fine art schools and conservatories.
    • Provide support for admission decisions, as well as to evaluate final choices of accepted colleges.
    • Furnish college success tips for students and parents to make the adjustment to college life.
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